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Work with Paula

It’s time to design our homes intuitively—not formulaically!”


—Paula Robinson The Healing Home & Garden

We need our homes to support us more than ever - especially with our 24/7 lifestyles. A place where we can completely relax, rest and heal mentally and physically. A haven where we can be our true self. And an oasis where we can find our creative spark again. 


Interior design tends to focus on making spaces look beautiful, but people don’t always feel completely relaxed and at home.


Feng shui addresses the flow of energy in spaces, but doesn’t typically take aesthetics into account.

The intersection of aesthetic & energetics

My work as an intuitive designer brings together the best of both worlds, and goes beyond where interior design and Feng shui stop. My focus is on helping you to create beautiful, vibrant spaces that are right for you. This means that your body and mind can fully relax, rest and heal as all of your senses are engaged. 


By changing the energy and creative expression of your current home, you’ll hasten the changes you’re longing for. Instead of stagnating, you’ll start to really live and actually enjoy coming home. Spaces that reflect who you truly are and bring you joy always attract more of the same into your life!

Rocky Pastures detail of binocular & book on window sill.JPG

I meet people where they’re at, and offer different services tailored to their needs:

1. DIY

You may be highly intuitive and just want a little help or advice in following your intuition as you create your healing spaces. 

2. Co-creating

You may be new to intuition or don’t fully trust it, so we move at your pace, co-creating your healing spaces together.


3. Full turnkey

You may not have the time or inclination to tap into your own intuition, and prefer to have me tune into you and your space and create healing spaces for you.


1. One-hour Virtual Consult: US $250

2. Healing Home Consult (virtual or in-person): quoted based on project

3. Healing Garden Consult (virtual or in-person): quoted based on project

4. Healing Home & Garden Consult (virtual or in-person): quoted based on project


You may prefer to start with a One-hour Virtual Consult where we can discuss any issue relating to your home or garden. To get the most out of your session, it’s always helpful for me to have as much information as possible beforehand (photographs, videos, brief description of how you use the space and what changes you’d like to see) 


If after the One-hour Virtual Consult you opt to proceed with either a Healing Home Consult, a Healing Garden Consult or a Healing Home & Garden Consult, the cost of the One-Hour Virtual Consult will be credited towards your next consult.

Getting in Touch

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