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Meet Paula

I believe that our happiness, health and success are profoundly affected by the spaces that we live and work in. As a designer and writer, I love helping people to create harmonious environments that transform their lives on all levels.

I’m happiest in nature - especially by the sea - and love designing outdoor spaces. I'm passionate about the environment, sustainable design, re-purposing furniture and objects, and supporting craftspeople over mass-producers. 


Intuitive Designer

I’ve been called a ‘space whisperer’ because I intuitively sense what people need in order to thrive and I know how to transform the energy of their space accordingly. 


I love getting to know people, understanding their needs and dreams, and helping them to create their personal havens. 


I write about how to make the spaces that we live and work in truly conducive to our physical and mental health.


I am the author of The Healing Home & Garden: Reimagining Spaces for Optimal Wellbeing published by Yellow Kite (Hachette), and The Room Planner: 100 Practical Plans for your Home. 

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I have been an interiors columnist for The Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph, and Move Or Improve? magazine. I've contributed articles on design, home improvement and the psychology of space to many publications over the years. I also write fiction and am a regular contributor to The Aleph Review

Getting in Touch

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