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I write about home improvement and design, the psychology of space and how it affects all areas of our lives.

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Reimagining spaces for optimal wellbeing

Out now from Yellow Kite (Hachette)

The way we are currently living in our homes hasn’t kept pace with the dramatic changes that the 21st century has brought. The Healing Home & Garden examines the habits we’ve all formed (binge-watching TV; working all hours; not sleeping enough; eating on the run etc) and how our homes are perpetuating these. By rethinking the design of our homes, we can break unhealthy habits, and form new ones that are right for us as individuals - which will ultimately make us happier, less stressed and healthier.  


"Finally! A resource that addresses both the “visibles” and “invisibles” in our homes: how to create beautiful environments visually, but also ways to be sure the unseen energy there supports our personal wellbeing . . . The Healing Home and Garden is a treasure trove of practical, step-by-step guidance from Paula’s extensive body of knowledge about interior design, as well as offering a refreshingly intelligent sensitivity to the infl uence of the energy of our surroundings."

Jean Haner, author of Clear Home, Clear Heart

The Room Planner by Paula Robinson

100 Practical Plans for Your Home

The Room Planner offers a clear vision of the future for our homes and provides all the ideas and practical information to adapt the space in which you live. It is packed with tricks of the trade, along with nearly 200 user-friendly, colour-coded plans, illustrations, and diagrams which allow you to pick the designs and layouts most appropriate to your home - be it a terraced house or contemporary loft.

To reflect changing lifestyles, the emphasis of The Room Planner is on versatility and flexibility and includes chapters on: Versatile space (how to create additional rooms); High-performance space (maximising the potential of each room); Practical space (storage, soundproofing); Flexible space (creating moveable partitions). 

Apart from focusing on space, the book deals with other important aspects in redesigning your home, particularly those of colour and shape. As well as exploring how these can make a room look, it focuses on the psychological effects, and how this knowledge can be used to your advantage. 


There is also a helpful section of basic tips - from advice on budgeting, to considering how the family pets will cope with the disruption, as well as basics for particular rooms, lighting and furniture. 

The Room Planner is ideal for homeowners who want a more hands-on approach to creating their dream home, or breathing new life into their existing living space. 

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